CelestaLab is a Korean company based in Seoul. Local payment providers are working mainly on the local market with local currency and implementing their services for the international market is impossible. We’ve been working hard to find a solution for our customers.

And we offer 3 payment options:

  1. Card payment (Visa, MasterCard);
  2. Online banking wire transfer to our company’s banking account;
  3. And Alternative Payment methods (transfer wise, western union, etc.)

1. Card payment (Visa, MasterCard) 

YooMoney is the biggest Russian IT company which is providing electronic payments services for individuals and business. YooMoney was established in 2013th and it’s been working successfully providing financial services for companies like us.

YooMoney provides the proper level of security. Once a year YooMoney service receives the PCI DSS certificate, i.e. passes the test by the Visa and Mastercard payment system standards. It uses only secure connections for exchanging confidential information.

If you are still in doubt and would like to make research on this company, here are links that will help you:

About YooMoney: Link
Contacts: Link

NOTE: As it’s a Russian IT company they are providing their service only in Russian Ruble currency. That’s why on the final page you see the payment amount in Russian currency (RUB). Please note that to cover all conversional risks and fees they convert USD to RUB by the actual rate of the Central Bank of Russia with a 5% increase.


From our experience, if you’ve faced troubles while making payment through this option, is because of:

Reason 1 (most common): Card payment was declined by your bank.
Solution: Make a call to your bank and confirm the payment. It’s required just once when you make the first payment. .
Reason: This issue occurs because previously your bank has not recorded international payments (specifically to YooMoney) from your card and have to verify that it’s exactly you who is making this payment.

Reason 2: Invalid CVC code.
Solution: Please check that you are using the correct information and codes. Try again.

Reason 3: Your bank did not confirm the operation due to a 3-D Secure error.
Solution: You can try again or contact the bank for more details.

2. Online banking wire transfer

You can easily pay using online banking to do wire transfer.

While making an order on our website just make a comment that you prefer to do a wire transfer.

Celesta banking information
For USD/EUR Wire Transfer

[Bank Name]KB Kookmin Bank
[Account Number]033268-11-006378
[Bank Address]Kookmin Bank Jegi-dong Branch
[Account Holder’s Name]Celesta
[Reference memo]“Order number: #00000”

*This account is for USD and EUR payments

After you finish with the wire transfer, please don’t forget to inform us and send a screenshot with the receipt to

3. Alternative payment

If you prefer this option our manager will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with the payment instructions via alternative methods like Transferwise, Western Union, etc.

If you have more questions you would like to ask, please let us know via any convenient method:
Through our contact form: here
Or call us directly: For Global Customers +82 10 7536 1956